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Align Rolfing® Time 


Valisha Keough, RN, BN, Certified Rolfer™

Rolfing® is a process where we go into ourselves, dissolve the things that no longer serve us and then we soar in new ways.

About Me

As a RolferTM , Nurse and Zen Yoga instructor, I assist with creating a safe space to connect with people on a mind-body-soul level as they move toward self-healing and optimal wellness.  I am very passionate, genuine and respectful in my interactions with others both professionally and personally, especially as it relates to meeting people where they are along their own personal journey at any given moment.  


Rolfing®, to me, is following the creative flow of allowing things to unfold with gentle, graceful guidance, then witnessing the outward expression of the person that is held within. I feel inspired about working in partnership with another person to help them provide the environment for their body and brain to become reconnected, remapped and aware of new possibilities for movement. This movement pattern can feel like an increased freedom in range of motion or more spaciousness and ease. I use kind, therapeutic methods that can lead to powerful effects.



"I had 3 sessions. Life changing! I would highly recommend this treatment.... on every level. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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